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We file Social Security disability appeals at all levels and represent clients successfully at disability hearings.

Facing the Social Security judge at a hearing can be an intimidating experience on your own. Allow our experienced team prepare your disability appeal, represent you, and present your case before the court.

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An Attorney who Specializes in Disability Appeals

Brian Arnold solely focuses on Social Security Disability law. This specialization allows us to more accurately evaluate your case and more successfully represent you at hearings.

A Lawyer with the Right Experience

Before practicing law, attorney Brian Arnold worked as an adjudicator for the Social Security Administration, where he rendered decisions on over 2000 cases from the Social Security side of things.

We know the ropes. We can guide you through the fog of regulation and documentation and help you win the benefits you deserve.

Legal help that helps you win Disability benefits

We have helped over a thousand clients win Social Security Disability benefits in Georgia and are prepared to help you.

If you are disabled and have applied for Disability only to be denied benefits by the Social Security Administration, hope is not lost. Contact us for a free consultation and we can begin to assess your case.

Your Chances are Higher with an Attorney

Your likelihood of success at a disability hearing is much better with legal reprentation. Obtaining disability is a long, confusing and frustrating battle with the administration. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney that aggressively represents your case and specializes in Disability.

Experienced legal representation will give your best chance of success in your appeal. We have the experience that you need.

Georgia Law Firm

We are NOT a national firm. We are a small but capable specialized service with employees and lawyers from Georgia, doing business in Georgia, for disabled Georgians.

We can meet with you personally, one-on-one, at your convenience at one of our middle Georgia offices. You'll know who will be representing you long before your hearing date and we'll advise you through the entire process.